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For more than 30 years, the world’s leading Media & Entertainment companies have trusted RSG Media to help them overcome critical technical and business challenges. Our technologies and expertise result in million-dollar improvements to the bottom line.

Broadcasters & Networks

Grow Audiences, Subs, and Engagement

Your mission: grow your audience by keeping your current viewer and attracting new ones. The answer is in all that viewer data you have. The challenge is to make sense out of the data and discern with confidence how schedule changes — from a single program to a whole block — will affect viewership; to determine which new content to acquire. The real question is, is your confidence backed by actual data or just your gut? The success of the network depends on you getting it right.

RSG Media does it for you. We use AI and machine learning to make sense of all your data. Our technology forecasts audience with 95% accuracy compared to actuals. We show you which content is the best to acquire for any specific network, day, or time slot based on your audience, your brand, your guarantees, and what the competition has scheduled. We even generate thousands of what-if schedules automatically and compare until we find the optimal schedule for you.

The result: a larger, more engaged audience, yielding more subscribers

A Bigger Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Promos always involved too much guesswork — until now. People believed it was better to overspend and hit goals than underspend and miss them. Marketing knew that they were wasting promos, just not which ones. The most popular tools were all outdated.

RSG Media found a better way. We save our Network customers millions of dollars each year by using advanced data models and machine learning to target promos much more effectively. We deliver audience targets using 20% fewer promo spots. We free up inventory, driving more dollars to the bottom line.

Boost Advertising Profits by Better Planning and Better Delivery

You want to get the most from your advertising inventory, and there are so many challenges. Poor planning misallocates the best spots. ADUs give away spots you could have sold. Over delivery is money left on the table.

How do you quickly create deal-plans that optimize inventory allocation, satisfying clients, even with lower value spots? How do you improve your advertiser mix to increase CPMs and revenue? How do you manage campaigns to avoid ADUs and over-delivery, all while honoring the constraints and terms for each deal? (What would you do if you could get rid of $30 million in ADUs?)

RSG Media solves these and many other related questions. Our ad optimization technology drives millions in ad revenue to our customers’ bottom lines, year after year.

Make More Money from Your Content

You invest a lot in content. Are you getting as much from it as you could? Are you using all your avails? Do you your Programming and Sales teams know what avails you have to use where, when, and how? Will you make sure to use them before they expire?

Is your Sales team selling the right content that maximizes your profit? Or, do they just go for the easy sales?

Do you have the detailed information and analytics you need to drive your margins?

RSG Media gives you the tools you need to squeeze the most value out of your content investment. Sales and Programming get real-time avails information to see the entire catalog across every source and make better decisions. Finance gets a chart of accounts for rights, so that they can track assets at the most granular levels.

As the “brain” for all things Rights, RSG Media’s platform integrates with all your upstream and downstream systems. It ensures that everyone and every system in the content value chain has the information needed to get the most from your investment.


Maximizing Content ROI on All Platforms: Linear, VOD, and More

Content is your largest cost. Are you getting as much value from it as you could? How well are you managing it? Are you able to track if all your inbound content arrived? Was it on time?

  • Do you know exactly where you can use every piece of content you have, whether commissioned or acquired?
  • What are your rights? Restrictions? Obligations?
  • Are you meeting your playout requirements?
  • Are you pricing your packages right? Or are you leaving money on the table? (Price too low, you miss out; price to high, you lose viewers.)

There are a thousand simple questions. Given all the combinations of platforms, business models, devices, packages, bundling, in/out of home restrictions, it gets complex fast.

RSG Media designed our rights and analytics platforms to get the most out of your content, today and into the future as your business changes. They answer all your most important questions. Our platform works as the “brain” to your content supply chain, automating data to upstream and downstream systems. That ensures that all key people and systems, throughout your organization, know your up-to-date rights, restrictions, and obligations.

We help you make more money from your content by giving you the tools, insight, and controls.

Automate Finances for Acquisitions & Commissioned Content, and for Distribution

Most ERP G/L systems are not designed for content acquisitions or finance. They lack the granularity and the media focus you need. Customization is expensive. You need a specialized system designed to handle complex media deals, huge asset volumes, changing right types, and varying business models. You need a partner who understands all the playout options, platforms, devices, and evolving customer packages; how to handle the accounting rules, including amortization models, and deal terms, such as cross-collateralization.

RSG Media are the leaders in finance systems for acquired/commissioned content, and for content distribution for MVPDs around the globe. We act as highly specialized sub-ledgers, providing the expertise, business processes, and analysis that you require.

We built our platform to solve complicated Media Finance challenges from complex amortization models and how to apply them to royalty processing to cash flow projections. We let you recognize revenue based on asset, deal type, licensee, licensor, credit status territory, media type, business model. We help you better leverage accounting rules, streamline payment calculations, automate royalty processing, and recognize revenue more quickly. We integrate with all major ERP systems to streamline monthly, quarterly and year-end close. We also provide a complete audit trail for full compliance. And we give you granular analytics to improve your reporting and insights.

Ad Sales Optimization

Delivering ad campaigns incorrectly can cost you $10s of millions. Under-deliver and the make-goods eat into your profits; over-deliver and you leave money on the table. Either way, you lose precious inventory. Delivering the perfect volume and hit every campaign commitment is difficult. Even harder still is figuring out how to optimize inventory and profit, balancing high-value and low-value spots.

RSG Media uses AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver the highest yield on ad inventory. Our platform analyzes campaign guarantees, performance-to-date, and constraints, and then rearranges your daily logs, unit-by-unit, to prevent over- or under-delivery on guaranteed demos.

We wipe millions of dollars of liability off your book and free up inventory for you to use as you see fit.

Studios & Content Distributors

Maximizing Content & Brand Licensing Revenues

To get the most from your content deals and brand licensing, spreadsheets and simple databases are not enough. You need need to understand all of you rights, the deals you’ve done, potential conflict issues, and the opportunities for future sales. You need to capture and automate all the complex business rules. And you need detailed analytics and reporting so that you can “move the needle”. Most importantly, you need a future-proofed system that evolves as fast as the media industry.

RSG Media’s platform delivers clear visibility into your rights, restrictions, and obligations. It shows what you have sold (where, when, and to whom), and what they have to deliver. It identifies opportunities. It gives you real-time avails information to see your entire catalog, getting up-to-date information from every source system. It lets you ask questions in plain English. Its search tools, flexible data layouts, and dynamic filtering show you the details you need to drive revenue.

Royalties, Participations & Talent Payments

Calculating royalty and talent payments is too complicated for most people. The guilds are complex and evolve constantly as the media business changes. Spreadsheets are a common tool, but are cumbersome, prone to errors, and leave no audit trail. Outside agencies are expensive and opaque — can you prove they calculated payments correctly? You need better.

Customers love how RSG Media’s platform automates payment processing and delivers financial controls. It supports all guild requirements, current and historical. It provides complete granular visibility and traceability. Its wide variety of standard reports, and huge range of custom ones, give users the insight they crave. We accelerate payment processing, increase accuracy, and reduce business risk so you can spend less time on administrative work and focus on your

Brand Licensors

Smarter Deal Management

If you run a multi-million dollar licensing business you need more than spreadsheets and a contract management system. You need enterprise strength management for all your deals to track rights, restrictions, obligations, and finances. You need insight and analysis. You need automation. And you need a strong audit trail.

Enterprise rights and deal management from RSG Media helps you create better deals and more revenue. We support every type of content, consumer products, digital platform, interactive live event, and business model you might need. We make it easy to model contract details, version contracts, output deal memos, highlight potential deal conflicts, and track contract changes. Reporting and analysis will give you new insight into your deals and trends across them.

Automate Royalty Processing

Congratulations, your licensing deals are growing in number, revenue, and SKUs! Time to stop manually chasing down, verifying, and processing all those royalty statements. It takes too much time, too much effort, is too prone to error, and takes too long to close. You need better.

RSG Media’s platform automates and streamlines royalty financials processing. Automated reminders prompt licensees to upload statements through an easy, self-service portal. The portal automatically validates the statement, flags any errors, and submits it for approval. Now you get accurate, on-time statements, giving you better data, more insight, less risk, and a fast close.

We simplify the whole process for you and for your licensees, and help you grow your business faster. Now, that’s better.


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