A major cable, internet, and wireless service provider wanted to scale its digital retail offerings and provide creative a la carte & bundled channel options.

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Rights Management (MVPD) Case Study

Rights Management (MVPD) Case Study
  • Content team, mired in admin, wasn't creating bundles strategically.
  • Rights nightmare to launch a new channel or OTT offering because of manual avails processes.
  • Viewers couldn't find content due to bad content metadata.
  • Reduced admin effort & costs 80% while making all rights info available to business to grow revenues from direct-to-consumer offerings.
  • Channels and OTT offerings easy to launch. Automated rights registration, channel bundling, and TVOD/EST pricing for 1000 contracts with 100 content providers.
  • Easy-to-use and up-to-date OTT apps & TV guide = millions of happy viewers.

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